10 Tips for Teachers when Recommending an Assessment for a Child

April 14, 2022 in Awareness Events

Strategies by Dr. Isabelle Bauer (Northside Psychology Senior Psychologist and Assessment Lead)

B.S. (Psych), M.S. (Clin Psych), PhD (Neuroscience), Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroimaging and Cognition in Psychiatry, MAPS

As a teacher, you are able to witness how children behave when they are separated from their family, in a social environment where learning is a key focus. In this environment, you may notice things that parents don’t particularly get to see. So how do you approach a family, kindly and respectfully, when you believe that their child may benefit from an IQ, Cognitive, Learning or Developmental assessment?

Dr. Isabelle Bauer tells you how, with 10 tips of how best to approach parents.

This definitely can be a tricky subject to bring up, so it is important to do it respectfully. Hopefully, these strategies will help some teachers better navigate through the discussion with parents. Feel free to share with your colleagues!