Adult Psychology Assessment

(ASD or ADHD focus)

An assessment can feel like an intimidating process. At Northside Psychology, our assessment team will assist you in making this understandable, accessible and helpful every step of the way.

An adult psychological assessment for a minor is appropriate for many different reasons. If you’ve been given a referral, or believe a ASD or ADHD assessment may be appropriate, this might be the appropriate assessment for you. Alternatively, this is the assessment to choose where you’ve noticed and are concerned by any of the following behaviours:
• Social / Communication issues
• Small network of friends
• Repetitive patterns of behavior
• Ordering behaviors
• Lack of empathy
• Unusual interests or extreme knowledge in a specific area
• Sensory sensitivity
• Easily overwhelmed by small changes to routines or plans
• Difficulty holding attention
• Fidgety / can’t keep still
• Forgetful
• Difficulty concentrating/maintaining focus/planning
• Difficulty finishing things
• Disorganized
• Reading difficulty throughout life
Please note: These behaviours are only indicators that this assessment may be helpful. All of these are normal and seen to different extents in people of all ages.
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