Group Therapy

Everyone needs a community with whom they can share, be heard, and feel valued. Sometimes it’s important to find this community in people facing similar challenges to you. Other times, you might seek a community to better understand a loved one or friend from within it.

Seeking support in an individual setting works for some people. Support in group settings work for others. The most important decision is finding the space that will best suit and encourage you.

How we can help

DBT Informed Therapy Group

Group Therapy for Skills Development – Limited to 10 adults

Northside Psychology’s DBT Informed Group is a group therapy program designed to help adults learn valuable skills in managing and controlling emotions, improving interpersonal skills, distress tolerance and problem-solving. Through the underlying processes of acceptance and change, the program will assist participants to facilitate interpersonal growth. The group draws on evidence-based Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to provide a basis of the skills training taught in the DBT Informed Group.

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The Anxiety Group

The Anxiety Group is a therapy group designed to help teach skills to adults who may be experiencing a range of challenges resulting from Anxiety.  The program is tailored to different age groups and the specific challenges that they face. This group is designed with flexibility in mind to teach skills in anxiety management for success in life.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies, this group is designed to help you better understand your experience with anxiety, and techniques to help manage the unwanted symptoms.

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Secret Agent Society Group (SAS)

Small Group Program for 8-12 year old

SAS is a small group program designed to help kids 8-12 years old to develop their emotional regulation and social skills. The program uses espionage themed games to keep children interested and excited, while they learn new skills in a fun way. The SAS program is evidence based to help kids with ADHD, high functioning ASD, anger, anxiety and other social and emotional issues.

Our SAS program provides 9 session of 1.5 hours each across the school term for the kids. We have 2 facilitators and an assistant. There are also 3 parent sessions run alongside the kids’ program to help parents learn with their kids, so they can support their child’s development and their secret missions.

There is an initial parent interview with a SAS facilitator, and a follow up session with a facilitator 1-3 months after the 9-week group concludes, to see how the kids are going.

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