Cancellation Policy

In order to respect the clinician's earnings and time, as well as other clients who have been on the waiting list for urgent appointments or potentially waiting months for their initial assessment, Northside Psychology has a strict cancellation policy (business hours only).

Where an appointment is cancelled within the time periods listed in our Fees Table (see below), a percentage of the scheduled fee will be charged to your credit card. A no-show is considered a cancellation and the full fee will be charged. If your cancelled appointment is able to be filled and charged to another client, you will not be billed. Where a cancellation fee is charged, this is considered a genuine pre-estimate of our loss. Cancellation fees incur GST.

Please note that cancellation fees cannot be charged to insurance companies or claimed through Medicare, and you will be personally responsible for any cancellation fees incurred. We cannot guarantee that a replacement appointment will be available at short notice.

NB. Fees may be periodically increased and applied to this cancellation policy.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.