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Meet our Team

On this page you’ll find some details about our clinicians, their background and areas of expertise. This is an opportunity for us to share some insight into the team at Northside Psychology who are here to support you and your family. Whether you’re seeking support for you, for a loved one, or to overcome a challenge, finding the right match is important.

The information here is a great place to start to find out more about our team. If you have questions, or to find out about our clinicians availability, please contact our administration team here.

Holly Byron (Kirwan)

CEO and Principal Psychologist
BSc (Psych), MEd (Couns), MAPS

Alison Davies

Provisional Psychologist
B.Ed, BSc Psych (Hons), GradDipPsych, MCouns, Assoc MAPS

Antoinette Pottas

Provisional Psychologist
BSocSci Psychology, BEd Educational Psychology (Hons), BA Psychology (Hons), Assoc MAPS

Barbara Wasilewski

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Bachelor of Social Work - Mental Health Accredited

Free Cleynen

MSClinPsych, BAppPsych, M Clin Psych & Edu Sci

Dr Gillian Malins

Senior Psychologist
BA (Hons), PhD (Psych)

Hilary Sargeant

Clinical Psychologist
MClinPsych, BAppPsych (Hons), MAPS

Dr Isabelle Bauer

Senior Psychologist
B.S. (Psych), M.S. (Clin Psych), PhD (Neuroscience), Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroimaging and Cognition in Psychiatry, MAPS

Jane Primrose

B Applied Psych (Hons)

Jenni Avidon

Lead Clinical Supervisor / Clinical Psychologist
BA Psych (Hons), MA (Clin Psych), MAPS, MACPA

Jessica Vander Hoeven

Provisional Psychologist
MProfPsych, BScPsych(Hons), BSocSc

Kate Zughbi

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
B. CW, Adv Cert. Nutrition, MA. Social Work, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Candidate)

Letisha Singh

Clinical Psychologist
MA (Clin Psych), BA Psych (Hons), BA Film and Media (AFDA), MAPS

Madeleine Davies

Provisional Psychologist
BPsychSci (UNSW), BPsychSci (UC), BSciPsy (Hons), Asso MAPS

Mylie Sell

Clinical Psychologist
MClinPsych, BPsych (Hons), MAPS

Peter Twiss

BSc(Psych) Hons, BBA, MClinPsych, MAPS

Dr Richard Arthur

Provisional Psychologist
Bachelor of Science (Psychology Honours), PhD

Sebastian Salicru

Senior Psychologist
BAppSc (Psych), Post-Grad Dip Psych, MSc, MMR

Stephanie Gold

Clinical Team Leader / Senior Psychologist
BApp Psych, Grad Dip App Psych, Assoc MAPS

Yilam Fang

Social Worker / Adult, Family and Couple Counsellor
BSW / MA in Family Counselling and Family Education