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We have been working hard to develop online resources. Stay up to date with our website and social media for information about upcoming webinars!

Want resources from home?

Northside Psychology has built and prided itself on being accessible and supportive. We commit to finding a clinically appropriate way to support you, whatever the circumstance.

We know coming into the clinic isn’t always accessible. We also want you to feel comfortable, so if sessions from home or elsewhere work best for you, and it is clinically appropriate, that works best for us. Whether it’s for group therapy, to participate in one of our programs or to have a one-to-one session with a clinician, we will try to find a way to support you.

Northside Psychology has been providing Telehealth sessions for clients for a number of years and can assist clients nationwide through this service.

The most important thing is that your mental health journey comes first. Everyone faces different challenges in making this happen. These challenges might be as tricky as childcare troubles or as complex as not feeling comfortable out of your own environment.

To find out more about Telehealth sessions with Northside, please contact us for further information and to make an appointment.

Social Media

We are committed to providing resources across our social media platforms to support your mental health.

Engaging with our social media is not a substitute for therapy, but it can be used as a guide for improving your mental health. Please note that everyone’s experiences are unique and complex, and the information we provide is general. The tools and strategies we provide may not work for your unique situation. If you have personal questions, we encourage you to seek professional support.

If you are a current or past client, please also note that by following or engaging with our social media pages, you may risk breaching your privacy and confidentiality.

We are across a range of social media platforms depending on how you like to interact. If you’re looking for mental health resources, our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is where you’ll find them!

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