Autism and School Supporting Your Child in the Educational Environment

Autism at School: 10 Ways to Support Your Child

November 24, 2023

When your child is on the Autism Spectrum, navigating the school and education environment can be challenging. You may feel out of control, as you are not able to protect and support your child to the same extent as when you are at home. Tackling these challenges involves understanding your child’s unique needs and working

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Approaching Parents Kindly 10 Tips for Discussing IQ, Cognitive, and Developmental Assessments

Approaching Parents Kindly: 8 Tips for Teachers for Discussing IQ, Cognitive, and Developmental Assessments

August 14, 2023

As a teacher, you are able to witness how children behave when they are separated from their family, in a social environment where learning is a key focus. In the school environment, you may notice things that parents don’t particularly get to see. So how do you approach a family, kindly and respectfully, when you

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