Access and Inclusion


Is your child often unable to participate in certain activities, or discriminated against?

Are things often not inclusive or accessible to them?

Do they find themselves excluded because of things they cannot control? (Being disabled, LGBTQ, of colour, or part of a minority group)?

Do they feel not accepted?

Whether your child is LGBTQ, not able-bodied, of colour, of a different wealth status, or has learning difficulties, they may find themselves on the outer circle of social/educational groups or interactions. This can be difficult for any child. It can also lead to low self-esteem, depression or anxiety, if left undealt with. Fortunately, there are ways this can be helped.



A child not fitting in, in some way, is an experiencing that can be distressing for them and may hurt their self-esteem. It can also be tough to watch someone go through. However, there are evidence-based treatments for dealing with exclusion and inaccessibility. There is a lot that we at Northside Psychology can do to support and guide your child through this tough time. Hopefully it will help them overcome/manage these issues.

We can work closely with your child to help them develop skills of how to tackle exclusivity and self-confidence, as well as working with family members for strategies of dealing with overcoming these barriers. Therapies can include stress and anxiety management and CBT, as well as assistance with self-esteem, assertiveness, communication and social skills, and school engagement. Family therapy can also be a good way of dealing with situations as a group, rather than as individuals.

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