Alcohol or Drug Addicted Families


Are people in your family hurting because of addiction issues?

Does your family have trouble admitting that there is an addiction problem?

Is your family constantly trying to hide or lie about addiction?

Are drug and alcohol addiction issues in your family impacting your child?

For children living in difficult circumstances, the impacts may be seen in other spaces of their life. Substance abuse in the household can have follow-on impacts for children while at school, in their relationships, and for their self-esteem. These addiction issues may be intergenerational, and it can be hard to know what to do to break this cycle.


Substance abuse is challenging, however there is hope for both you and your child. Research has shown that there are effective, evidence-based treatments that can help individuals and their family affected by substance abuse. However, congratulations in taking the first step by reaching out for help. Focusing on the patterns and experiences in the family and for your child can help to turn things around, and create a different future.

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