Do you often notice your loved one feeling lost or confused?

Does your loved one get frustrated easily or more often?

Have you noticed a shift in their behaviour, or discussions?

Noticing changes in your loved one's cognitive abilities can be a scary observation. It can leave you feeling concerned for their future, for your own, and for management strategies. It can also make you feel overwhelmed by the variety of information and support options available to you.


Whether your loved one is seeking a Neurological Assessments for dementia or has already completed one, it is important to have support as you explore these changes. Both their needs and yours as a carer are important.

We conduct Neuropsychological assessments in an encouraging and safe environment. This can be a good option, if you are concerned about the cognitive decline of a loved one.

Assessments can help to identify the impact of a dementia, therefore possibly providing carers with better insight into how to manage, care for, and support their loved one. This would include developing strategies and particular methods to alleviate the impact of these challenges and changes going forward. Congratulations in taking the first step in reaching out and getting help!

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