Gender Identity/Issues


Are you questioning your gender identity?

Are you unsure of what pronouns might be right for you?

Do you wonder what implications this has?

Like sexuality, gender identity and expression can be a complex and confusing experience for some individuals. Luckily, in this day and age, there is a lot of available information available to better help you understand what this means for you. Gender, like sexuality, is a spectrum — both binary and nonbinary — and it's important that you know you have support during this time of questioning.



Choosing to seek support during this time is understandable. Whether you are struggling to come to terms with your gender, or are concerned about what effect this might have on your relationships, it can be a challenging time. Things may feel different, but it's important to recognise that nothing about yourself has changed except for your realisation of a part of yourself. Our team understands that this can be a frightening, uneasy and sometimes un-safe experience, and the team at Northside Psychology wants to provide some support.

Gender identities other than cisgender (identifying with the gender assigned at birth) do not need to be "fixed" or "healed", it is a part of who you are, just as it is for all people. There’s no right time or age to discovering your gender.

We are here to help you during this period of discovery, with empathetic and non-judgemental support and advice. Individual, evidence-based guidance may be given through options like strength-based approaches, stress management, mindfulness, and acceptance commitment, among others. Regardless of what approach you want to take, we’re here to support you. Remember that you are deserving love, support and validation

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