Grief and Loss


Has your child recently lost someone close to them? Are they having difficulty coping?

Has your child experienced a death or loss for the first time (including pets)?

Has the family moved to a new location, and friends have been lost?

Has your child lost friends that have moved away?

Loss is a very difficult thing for anyone to cope with, particularly young children — who may have a very difficult time emotionally and behaviourally when encountering grief. These emotions may be new and confusing for them and as such, can be extremely difficult for them to process and express. This, along with your own recent grief, can be a very tough thing to deal with. However, you are not alone in grief and loss.


Do not lose hope. Professionals are able to work closely with your child  with the aim of helping them process and appropriately express their emotions. Symbolic activities can help your child move through the grief cycle. If other issues are also emerging as part of their grief and loss, other therapies can help. Though grief is never easy for anyone, we hope that we are able to relieve some of the weight and make the process of healing easier.

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