Health/Chronic Pain/Illness


Are you anxious how severe your symptoms will be on a given day impacting what you do?

Are you finding it harder to get out of the house because of health concerns or symptoms?

Is your condition leading to irritation, anger, sleeplessness or substance abuse?

Do you feel you have lost control as a result of your condition?

Living with or caring for people with pain or chronic illness does more than hurt your body. It causes emotional stress, increases mental fatigue, lowers energy levels. It may even lead to depression or anxiety. In turn, it can often impact self management, impacting the way you eat, sleep, diet, socialise and have fun.


There is hope. There are effective, evidenced based treatments for dealing with health/chronic pain/ illness issues.

There is a lot we can do to support, guide and assist you to improve your ability to cope and manage these problems. To find out more about how Northside Psychology may be able to help, get in touch with our team here.

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