Insecurities/Fears/Worrying/ Phobias


Does your child seem to be overly afraid of things?

Does your child approach some things or objects with dread or terror?

Does your child actively avoid situations or things?

Is worry holding your child back from participating?

Children who feel unsafe, or experience intense feelings of fear, insecurity and/or worry about everyday encounters (such as a toilet, or drop off at day-care) are likely to evoke an avoidant response. Learning to overcome the automatic avoid response, and better cope with feelings of fear/worry becomes very important in working through these issues.


There is hope. There are evidence-based treatments to deal with fears, insecurities, anxiety, worries, and specific phobias. There are ways to support and guide you and your child, to improve coping and reduce fear. Therapies can include age appropriate ACT, CBT, EMDR, as well as mindfulness, relaxation, exposure, home exercises, and psychoeducation.

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