Learning Issues


Have you noticed that your child is trying as hard as they can, but just keeps falling behind in school or other academic activities?

Does your child seem to have a gap between the way they pick things up generally, and the way they pick things up at school?

Do you think your child is capable of so much more than their school results reflect?

Does your child feel defeated at school?

There are many reasons why issues with learning may be impacting your child. Often those who are experiencing learning difficulties want to succeed, but feel (and believe) that they are unable to. Learning difficulties are also often associated with behavioural issues such as being disruptive at school, being the class clown, withdrawing, not attempting schoolwork or being disinterested in school. Learning difficulties may include ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia, amongst others.


Despite the stress or insecurities these difficulties may be placing on your child, there is hope. We conduct both cognitive and educational assessments, which can help you and the school to better understand the issues impacting your child. This can help to assess how your child is using their general cognitive capacity and capability in an educational context. A diagnosis of a learning difficulty or disability can shine clarity on the situation, which may then be managed through exercises or therapies.

If other challenges are emerging as part of having learning issues at school, therapy may assist. You and your child are not alone, and we congratulate you in taking the first step!

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