Organisation/Time Management


Is your child struggling with organising their time and often turning in assignments or schoolwork late?

Do they often feel overwhelmed or like they don't have enough time in the day?

Do they find themselves running late often, without realising it?

Are they continuously procrastinating?

It is important that children learn organisation and time management skills to continuously develop, especially throughout school. This is an essential skill that they'll need later throughout their life. With modern distractions like TV, smartphones and tablets, video games and social media, an increase in procrastination and a lack of time management can result in distress or slipping grades. Learning disorders such as ADHD, dyslexia, and also Autism can heighten anxiety and procrastination around school work.



Struggling to stay organised and having poor time management is distressing and can have consequences on grades. Children and teens may not know how to break the cycle, or improve. Fortunately, there is hope and change is possible.

There are evidence-based treatments can enhance organisation and time management skills. Solutions may include developing new schedules, identifying the root of the issue, CBT, and anxiety and stress management. Previously undiagnosed learning or behavioural disorders may be an issue and if so, diagnosis could assist.

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