Parental Separation and Divorce



Is your child having difficulty with adjusting to the new arrangements following separation or divorce?

Is your child experiencing emotional, social, behavioural, and/or academic problems after a parental break-up?

Do your children feel like they are placed in the middle of the parents' dispute?

Are you thinking about getting a divorce and want to navigate a way to support your children?

Are you navigating your divorce well and want to "check in" to see how you can guide and support your children with this too?

A breakdown or divorce between parents is a stressful life-event in any family, particularly for young kids. While many families manage this well by focusing on the children and minimising the impact of adjusting to a new family life,  separations are enormously challenging and stressful. Therefore, it's important to ensure relationships continue to be a key focus, even as the dynamics of the family are still changing.


Changes to family dynamics and relationships are a difficult time for everyone. In the case of affected children, there are evidence-based treatments to assist with adjustments and family situations post-separation. These are tough times, and it is important to reach out and get the support you and your family needs to cope with change, and adjust to the new realities.

Both individual and family therapy can be of assistance. Though the stress and grief of a separation and the worry about the impact on children is daunting, congratulations in taking the first step and reaching out for help! Don't be afraid to take the next.

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