Past Trauma or Events


Has your child lived through a traumatic historical event such as an earthquake or a car accident?

Has your child been subject to abuse from a caregiver, trusted friend, relative or someone else?

These intense traumas experienced in childhood can have a very significant and lasting effect, and each child will respond very differently to what has occurred. Children may experience a range of emotional, psychological and physical problems as a result of being harmed or undergoing a traumatic experience — and the impacts may not always be evident in their behaviour.


Recovering from trauma is not a hopeless or lonely journey. There are ways to assist and guide you and your child's recovery: improving their ability to cope. Depending on need, therapies for your child may include ACT, CBT, EMDR, and sessions of mindfulness, relaxation, home exercises, and psychoeducation — all undertaken in a safe and age appropriate way. In situations like this, family therapy can also be beneficial.

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