Phobias and Fears


Do you seem to be overly afraid of things?

Do you approach some things or objects with an unusual amount of dread or even abject terror?

Does you actively avoid at all costs certain situations or things?

Is your fear holding you back from participating or living your life?

People who experience intense feelings of fear, insecurity and/or worry about more every day encounters (such as a using a public toilet, or having a vaccination when needed) is likely to evoke an unhelpful avoidance response. Learning to overcome the automatic avoid response and better cope with the feelings of fear/worry becomes very important in working through these issues.


There is hope. There are effective, evidenced based treatments for insecurities, fears, worrying and addressing specific phobias.

There is a lot we can do to support, guide and assist you to cope and manage these problems. To find out more about how Northside Psychology may be able to help, get in touch with our team here.

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