School Refusal


Is your child refusing to go to school most or every day?

Do they seem more anxious or more down?

Are their grades slipping, or they're not paying attention in class?

Do these school refusals escalate into fights or potentially dangerous situations?

School refusal — when your child adamantly insists that they won't or cannot go to school — is difficult to manage. It can be frustrating and distressing for both the parent and child. When school becomes a serious and distressing experience for you or your child, it's okay to reach out for help.



School refusal can be frustrating for the parent, and upsetting for the child, and distressing on both parties. However, there is hope! Often, school refusal is caused by any number of underlying issues or learning disorders that may need to be assessed and treated. This can range from ADHD, ASD, learning disorders, bullying, self-esteem issues, a lack of social skills, to depression or anxiety.

A lot can be done to support and guide you and your child during these tough times. Evidence based therapies can focus on depression and anxiety management to enhance  school engagement, address potential bullying, develop communication and social skills, assertiveness, self-esteem and self-confidence. Diagnoses of learning disorders may be something that comes to light. Dealing with situations as a group, rather than as individuals via Family Therapy or by joining a Secret Agents Society (SAS) group can also be beneficial.

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