Self Harm


Do you cut the skin with sharp objects; hit the body with fists; punching walls or pull out hair?

Have you recently experienced a crisis or recent difficult life event?

Do you find it difficult to talk about your feelings and so use self-harm to express your emotions?

Do you hide your self-harm behaviour (e.g. wearing long sleeves, covering scars)?

People define self-harm in lots of different ways but usually self-harm is defined as someone deliberately hurting themselves without wanting to die. It is sometimes called deliberate self-injury or non-suicidal self-injury and may not mean that someone wants to die but rather a behaviour that is used to cope with difficult or painful feelings.


There is hope. There are effective, evidenced based treatments for dealing with self-harm.

There is a lot we can do to support, guide and assist you to improve your ability to cope and manage these problems. To find out more about how Northside Psychology may be able to help, get in touch with our team here.

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