Sleep Issues


Does your child have difficulties with sleep?

Are they often wetting the bed, or scared of the dark?

Do you notice your child is overtired, or is bedtime a constant battle?

Are they playing video games, or using social media well into the night?

Lack of sleep in a developing mind and body may produce difficulties with mood, attention, focus, motivation, and concentration — particularly in the case of children and teens. Recurring thoughts, worries, or anxiety may negatively impact their sleep which may compound in other areas of their life. While this can be very worrying for parents, who may feel unsure about what to do, there are options going forward.


Don’t lose hope! There are effective treatments that deal with sleep problems and sleep deprivation in children and teens. These can be tailored to improve sleep patterns and prevent disruption. Sleep hygiene and setting routines are important. Fear, anxiety and stress that is impacting sleep can be addressed with a number of therapies.

These therapies may include ACT and CBT, as well as mindfulness, relaxation, exposure, home exercises and psychoeducation, So, while watching your child go through intense issues with sleep and exhaustion can be a frightening and stressful experience, congratulations in taking the first step!

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