Social Media


Are you having difficulty getting your children to separate from specific apps, specifically social media?

Does asking them to stop cause conflict or misbehaviour?

Do you find yourself taking back your child's phone?

Do you believe they are spending too much time on social media?

Young people, particularly children and teenagers, live in a world today that is constantly connected — and this can come with a feeling that you're constantly visible, and by extension, judged or inadequate. Many feel inadequate – that they are addicted to social media, or that they don't contribute or engage enough. This can leave many children feeling stressed and unable to turn off the amplified sense of self-awareness that social media presents. It can also put pressure on parents to find the "right" way to manage their child's screen time and social media engagement.


Children can feel increasingly pressured to be connected and constantly active on social media due to FOMO (fear of missing out). However there are effective and evidence-based treatments for behaviours that becomes excessive, dysfunctional, or begins to dominate lives. Therapies may include age appropriate ACT, CBT and psychoeducation. Know that there is hope!

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