Does your child appear agitated, touchy, or are they displaying sudden changes in behaviour?

Does their mood suddenly swing?

Has their sleep patterns changed?

Has their ability to cope reduced?

Stress is part of our daily lives, and it is normal. Even children need a bit of stress to keep things going, and this can come from school, relationships, sleep or family dynamics. Such amount of mild stress is healthy for motivation. However, when stress becomes overwhelming, it may slow down their progress and have a negative impact on their life and wellbeing. It is important to recognise stressors that  might be impacting the way they cope day-to-day.


High stress is highly uncomfortable and upsetting, but there are ways of learning to navigate stressors differently in the future. There are evidence-based treatments such as CBT and ACT which are helpful for stress management, as are planning, developing new schedules, goal setting and identifying the root of the issue. Mindfulness, relaxation and psychoeducation may also be useful in helping your child manage stress.

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