Has your child been involved in a traumatic situation?

Does your child often wake up with nightmares?

Does your child seem to be triggered by certain things?

Are they having difficulty telling you what is going on for them?

Children who have experienced trauma often have difficulty identifying, expressing, and managing emotions. For these children, reminders of the trauma may be everywhere in the environment, triggering powerful reactions. It may be difficult to calm them back down, as they are likely in severe distress. This might happen often.


It is difficult for a parent to witness traumatic reactions in their children after frightening or upsetting events. However, it is important to know that there is hope in navigating this difficult time.

There are evidenced based therapies that can assist. These can include age appropriate EMDR, CBT, ACT, and DBT, mindfulness, grounding, relaxation and exposure  and psychoeducation. We would like to congratulate you in taking the first step of getting help! Don't be afraid to take the next step and reach out!

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