Traumatic Brain Injury


Has someone you love experienced a brain injury which has impacted their behaviour, thought patterns, or cognitive capacity?

Do you notice differences in their ability to work, interact, or relax?

Does the information you received about the injury not quite make sense?

Managing a traumatic brain injury can feel like wading through mud. You may feel confused about what do to or how you can support your loved one, and the experience may be confusing or disorienting. Perhaps you know exactly what to do, but the challenges feel bigger than you were prepared for.


It can be easier, and there is hope. By understanding the changes that have occurred as a result of the injury, you can develop new strategies and increase your understanding of what you are observing. Neuropsychological Assessments  help you and your loved one understand and adapt to the changes which has occurred as a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury. It is important to have support as you explore these changes. Both their needs and yours as a carer are important.

Neurological Assessments can help to identify the impact of a Traumatic Brain Injury, therefore possibly providing carers with better insight into how to manage, care for, and support their loved one. This would include developing strategies and particular methods to alleviate the impact of these challenges and changes going forward. Congratulations in taking the first step in reaching out and getting help!

To find out more about support after a Traumatic Brain Injury, or to inquire about an assessment, please contact our team on 02 6255 3008.

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