Work Related Injury – Psychological/ Physical


Are you experiencing excessive stress due to very difficult circumstances like excessive work demands, conflict or work hours?

Are you dealing with the stress of changing work circumstances that are out of your control?

Have you had an injury or accident at work?

Do you work in an occupation that poses a greater health threat than others?

Work is important to most of us on many levels providing a meaningful focus for our lives, as well as bringing in an income. Work-related problems can affect our physical, emotional and mental health with common issues include workplace injury, stress, discrimination and bullying, violence, accidental death and excessive stress.


There is hope. There are effective, evidenced based treatments for dealing with workplace issues or workplace injury.

There is a lot we can do to support, guide and assist you to improve your ability to cope and manage these problems. To find out more about how Northside Psychology may be able to help, get in touch with our team here.

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