Navigating a Late Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

New Beginnings | Navigating a Late Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

March 4, 2024

Understanding Your Adult Autism Diagnosis Receiving an autism diagnosis in adulthood can feel like being handed a map in a language you’re just beginning to learn. It might bring a mix of emotions: relief in explaining the challenges you’ve faced, confusion about what this means for your future, and perhaps concern about sharing this news

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Signs of autism in women girls females

How May Autism Differ In Girls?

January 16, 2024

Signs of Autism in Women If you’re a female exploring the possibility that you might be on the autism spectrum, this article is for you. Autism, a neurodevelopmental condition characterised by differences in social interaction, communication, interests, and behaviors, is often underdiagnosed in girls and women. This is partly because traditional perceptions and studies of

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Inclusive Play in Action- Guide for Teachers and Schools

Inclusive Play in Schools | Guide for Teachers

January 12, 2024

Guide to Inclusive Play in Schools It is important for teachers and educators to seek ways to enrich teaching practices to cater to the diverse needs of all students. Inclusive play is a transformative approach that not only supports children with special needs such as autism, but also enhances the learning experience for all children.

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Autism and School Supporting Your Child in the Educational Environment

Autism at School: 10 Ways to Support Your Child

November 24, 2023

When your child is on the Autism Spectrum, navigating the school and education environment can be challenging. You may feel out of control, as you are not able to protect and support your child to the same extent as when you are at home. Tackling these challenges involves understanding your child’s unique needs and working

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Developing Emotional Regulation Skills with Secret Agent Society Gadgets for Neurodiverse Children

Developing Emotional Regulation Skills with Secret Agent Society Gadgets for Neurodiverse Children

December 20, 2021

Every child is different. For Neurodiverse children (like those with ADHD, High Functioning Autism or other developmental differences), managing their emotions – especially their reactions – can seem like an insurmountable challenge. They often react strongly and quickly to a change in routine, new sensation or experience. While it is both important and helpful to

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Empowering Neurodiverse Kids | Building Social Skills with the Secret Agent Society Program

October 6, 2021

Know a child who’s struggling to make friends or keep them? Have you seen them react quickly and strongly to a change in routine? Do they struggle with being overwhelmed by some sensory experiences? Are you concerned they might be being bullied, but not fully understanding it? Changes in routine, new friends, sensory experiences or

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