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Online Therapy for Cancer Patients: Revolutionising Support for the Immunocompromised

October 31, 2023

In the challenging landscape of cancer care, where treatments often leave patients immunocompromised, safeguarding both physical and mental health is crucial. For patients, survivors, and their devoted caregivers, the emotional toll can be profound. In these pivotal moments, online therapy offers a sanctuary-a way to access vital psychological support without the risk of exposure to

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6 Benefits of Online Therapy Telehealth

7 Reasons to try Online Telehealth Therapy

October 16, 2023

7 Benefits of Online Therapy Are you skeptical about the effectiveness of Telehealth? As face-to-face interactions became limited during the pandemic, many sectors, including mental health, sought innovative means to continue providing services. This need for adaptation gave rise to the significant surge in Telehealth therapy, transforming psychological care. While the shift was initially met

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How to Get the Most Out of Online Therapy 8 Ways

8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Telehealth Therapy

August 14, 2023

Are you nervous about starting online therapy? Online therapy may suit you for many reasons. It is great for those with busy schedules, as it enables you to fit therapy into you lifestyle better when it suits you e.g. on your lunch break! If you live remotely or travelling to a clinic is difficult, online

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