Setting Up Your Telehealth Space

Whether you're a seasoned pro in the world of Telehealth or are gearing up for your first session, having a dedicated, comfortable space can make all the difference. By creating a space that is comfortable, private, and feels safe, you're setting the scene for effective and meaningful therapy sessions. Continue reading to hear how to transform a corner of your home into a sanctuary, ready for your online therapy session.

1. Comfort is Key

You likely won't feel comfortable expressing your emotions and feelings to a therapist unless you have a comfortable environment. Your therapy space should feel safe, warm and cosy. Start by picking a chair that feels like a hug – it should be comfortable enough to sit in for an hour, but not so cosy that you will doze off mid-session. Perhaps add a throw blanket or cushion, as holding something soft can be incredibly grounding during therapy.

2: Pick Your Lighting Carefully

An often-underrated component of your environment – lighting can play a huge role in influencing our mood and comfort, as well as the quality of the video call. Try to position near a window to utilise natural light, or create a warm and cosy atmosphere using lamps with warm bulbs. Steer away from harsh ceiling lights which are always a mood-killer.

3. Prioritise Privacy

This is the most important one! You need to find a private space where you can express yourself without the fear of being overheard or interrupted. Find a private room, and perhaps switch the TV on in the lounge room or keep a fan on outside to mask your session. If a private room is not available, try to schedule your therapy sessions when your family or roommates are not home.

4. Know Your Tech

Make sure you know how you’re logging in and accessing the session. If you’re unsure, contact your clinic with any questions so you can feel prepared and at-ease going into the session. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, and test your camera and microphone before the session.

5. Sort Your Prep and Post Routines

It may be difficult to get into the therapy mindset when you aren’t heading to a waiting room first. Creating rituals before and after your sessions can help you transition into therapy-mode. Before the session, perhaps you can make yourself a tea or do a short meditation. Afterwards, consider taking a walk or journalling to process the session and decompress, so you can carry on with your day.


By crafting a space that is comfortable, private, and conducive to open communication, you're laying the foundation for an effective and meaningful therapy session. Remember, this space is your personal safe haven, a place where you can be vulnerable, grow, and emerge stronger. So, make it yours, make it personal, and make it special to you.

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