Navigating a Late Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

New Beginnings | Navigating a Late Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

March 4, 2024

Understanding Your Adult Autism Diagnosis Receiving an autism diagnosis in adulthood can feel like being handed a map in a language you’re just beginning to learn. It might bring a mix of emotions: relief in explaining the challenges you’ve faced, confusion about what this means for your future, and perhaps concern about sharing this news

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How to break the cycle of conflict in your relationship - couples therapy australia telehealth

How To Break the Cycle of Conflict in a Relationship

February 19, 2024

How do I stop arguing with my partner? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a continuous cycle of arguments with your partner? Are you nit-picking on each other’s flaws, and starting to lose the moments of fun, happiness and peace in your relationship? Are you starting to consider if they’re still the one for

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10 Unique Date Night Ideas for Couples - Northside Psychology Therapy Relationship Counselling

10 Unique Date Night Ideas For Couples

January 11, 2024

Are you looking for a fun date night idea? When we grow comfortable with our partner and settle into the routine of life together, it can be difficult to prioritise quality time and date nights. Those special activities you once did at the beginning of your relationship are long gone, and now your version of

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7 Signs It's Time for Couples Counselling and Marriage Therapy

7 Signs It’s Time For Couples Therapy

January 5, 2024

7 Signs It’s Time for Couples Counselling: Navigating Marriage Breakdown Are you on the brink of a divorce or a breakup? Every marriage and relationship has its ups and downs, but how do you know if it’s just a rough patch or something more serious? If you and your partner are struggling to find the

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Your How-To Guide to Co-Parenting at Christmas | 7 Tips

Your How-To Guide to Co-Parenting at Christmas | 7 Tips

December 5, 2023

How do you Co-Parent during the Holiday Season? Whether you are recently separated or divorced, or are a veteran co-parenter, Christmas is a tough time of year. Not only is it difficult and stressful to coordinate events and schedules, but the holidays may bring up memories that you may wish to stay buried. It can

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10 Tips to Set Healthy Boundaries after Trauma

10 Tips to Set Healthy Boundaries after Trauma

October 24, 2023

Traumatic experiences can disrupt life in profound ways. A significant impact of trauma is its effect on our ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Trauma, by its very nature, is a violation of personal safety and comfort. It can stem from moments where boundaries were ignored, distorted, or crossed in harmful ways. This violation

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From Listening to Assisting 10 Steps to Support Someone Struggling with Mental Health

From Listening to Assisting: 10 Steps to Support Someone Struggling with Mental Health

September 14, 2023

Supporting a friend struggling with wellbeing RUOK Day serves as a reminder to get in touch with those around you and check to see how their mental health is doing. But have you considered what’s next, and how you can help and support them going forward? When someone close to us, be it a family member,

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From Cradle to Date | What's Your Attachment Style?

From Cradle to Date | What’s Your Attachment Style?

September 5, 2023

Relationships are directed by unseen forces – foundational elements that shape how we interact, what we expect, and how we respond to love and connection. One of the most revealing frameworks to decode these intricate dynamics is the theory of Attachment Styles. First brought to light by John Bowlby in the 20th century, attachment theory

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Effective Communication How to Improve Dialogue with your Partner

Effective Communication: How to Improve Dialogue with your Partner

August 14, 2023

Effective communication is the key to many successful relationships. It provides a foundation to build trust, understanding, and intimacy. However, even the strongest couples can experience communication breakdowns from time to time. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and unproductive arguments can leave both partners feeling frustrated and disconnected. In this blog post, we will explore common communication challenges

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Trauma and Self Esteem - Revisiting a Positive Sense of Self | Northside Psychology

Navigating Anxiety in Relationships: Communicating with Your Partner

July 24, 2023

Anxiety is a common human experience that can profoundly impact relationships. When one or both partners struggle with anxiety, effective communication becomes vital for maintaining a healthy relationship and fostering understanding, and support for each other. In this blog post, we will explore the challenges anxiety can pose in relationships and provide practical tips to

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