7 Signs It's Time for Couples Counselling: Navigating Marriage Breakdown

Are you on the brink of a divorce or a breakup?

Every marriage and relationship has its ups and downs, but how do you know if it's just a rough patch or something more serious? If you and your partner are struggling to find the answer, you might be considering couple’s therapy. It's a big step, and this article is here to help you understand if it's the right one for your relationship.

1. Communication Breakdown

The cornerstone of any relationship is communication. If you find yourselves stuck in a loop of misunderstandings, where conversations quickly escalate into arguments, it might be time to seek help. Couples therapy provides a safe space to break these patterns and develop healthier communication skills.

2. The Same Argument Keeps Repeating

Do you feel like a broken record stuck on loop, having the same argument over and over? This recurring cycle is a sign that underlying issues aren't being resolved. In couples counselling, a skilled therapist can help you identify these root causes and work towards resolving them.

3. Emotional Disconnection

If you're feeling emotionally detached from your partner, or if the intimacy that once glued your relationship together seems to be fading, it might be time to see a professional. Couples counselling can help you form strategies to rekindle the emotional connection that you might feel is slipping away.

4. Infidelity or Trust Issues

Dealing with betrayal, whether it's infidelity or broken trust, can be devastating. Therapy provides a structured environment to address these wounds, rebuild trust, and determine a path forward, whether together or apart.

5. Considering Divorce or Breakup

If the thought of divorce or breakup has shifted from unthinkable to a realistic option, it's a clear sign that you need intervention. Couples therapy can offer you both perspectives on your relationship and help in making an informed decision.

6. Impact on Other Aspects of Life

When relationship troubles start affecting your work, health, or social life, it's a sign that these issues are more profound than they appear. Therapy can not only help your relationship but also improve your overall quality of life.

7. Telehealth Couples Therapy is an Option

For those with logistical challenges or who feel more comfortable in their own space, telehealth couples therapy is a viable and effective alternative. It allows access to counselling from anywhere, ensuring that help is always at hand.


Deciding to try couples counselling is a brave step towards understanding and possibly rejuvenating your relationship. It's about investing in a future where both partners feel heard, valued, and understood.

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