Are you looking for a fun date night idea?

When we grow comfortable with our partner and settle into the routine of life together, it can be difficult to prioritise quality time and date nights. Those special activities you once did at the beginning of your relationship are long gone, and now your version of date night is spend eating take-out watching a movie; still fun, but let’s mix it up a bit!

Quality time is a necessity for nurturing and sustaining a healthy, long-lasting partnership. Renowned relationship expert John Gottman emphasizes the importance of building an "emotional bank account" with your partner, which involves making regular deposits through positive interactions and shared experiences. According to Gottman, these deposits build a buffer against negativity and conflict, reinforcing the strength and resilience of the relationship (Gottman, J. M., & Silver, N. (1999). "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work"). By dedicating time to connect, communicate, and enjoy each other's company, couples can deepen their understanding, appreciation, and love for one another.

Here are 10 unique ideas to spice up your next date night, and connect deeper within your relationship:

10 Date Night Ideas

1. Cook A Tricky Dish

Pick a dish to cook together, something a little challenging, and give it a go! Cooking together is a great way to practice a little teamwork, (or start some arguments). Hopefully not the latter!

2. Book Club for Two

If you’re both booklovers, perhaps you can read the same book separately and have a date to discuss it, complete with themed snacks, outfits, then watch the movie remake to finish the night. Harry Potter movie marathon, anyone?

3. Create a Couple’s Bucket List

Planning activities together can spark excitement for the future of the relationship. It is also a great chance to learn more about each other’s interests.

4. Paint and Sip

Visit a paint and sip studio, or just host your own at home! Pick a painting to recreate, grab some wine and get messy.

5. Xbox Tournament

Borrow your 14-year-old cousin's Xbox and gear up for a night of fierce competition. Try racing, sports, shooter games. Put a prize on the line to make things interesting...

6. Watch a True Crime Documentary

Swap your movie for a documentary on true crime. If it’s unsolved, maybe you can try solving it?

7. Board Games Night

Collect your favourite board games and settle in with a cheese platter while you battle it out to be Scrabble champion.

8. Try a New Fitness Class Together

Test your flexibility by trying a yoga class, or sweat it out with boxing. Being beginners at something together is a great way to laugh, bond, and celebrate mutual progress.

9. Karaoke

Attend your local pub for karaoke night. Grab a mic, or simply watch the chaos unfold before your eyes!

10. Escape Room

No better way to test a relationship than in an escape room! Work together through puzzles and do your best to escape.


Investing in regular date nights is not just about breaking the routine; it's about reinforcing the bond that holds a couple together. Whether you choose cooking, escape rooms, or a fitness class, each idea is an opportunity to make new memories, laugh, and learn more about each other. Remember, it's not about the cost of the activity, but the quality of the time spent together that truly enriches a partnership.

If you're looking for extra support in your relationship, couples therapy is a great way to explore and work on issues such as communication or conflict.