By Holly Byron, CEO and Principal Psychologist at Northside Psychology

The demand for qualified and excellent mental health care has never been greater. Studies show that 43% of Australians between the ages of 16-85 have experienced a mental disorder at some point in their life. One in ten children between the ages of 4-11 are also diagnosed with a mental health disorder. These figures are even more staggering when you consider those who go undiagnosed.

I started Northside Psychology in 2007 because I wanted to deliver excellent mental health outcomes to as many people as possible. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous highly experienced Psychologists. At the same time, I also noticed variable knowledge sets among Provisional and Early Career Psychologists. There are different pathways to becoming a Psychologist, and while universities are all accredited and supervisors are board approved, there will always be variability. To deliver excellent mental health care to all Australians, it is important that there is standardisation to increase competency levels across the industry.

That is why I’m so excited to introduce the NorthStar Academy.

NorthStar Academy’s mission is to raise the bar across the mental health industry to standardise the delivery of clinical supervision and training thereby increasing competency levels. At NorthStar Academy, we want to better train Psychologists so they can get better outcomes for their clients.  This will not only help the clients but improve the mental health of countless individuals – their families, friends and colleagues, to name a few.

Spearheaded by licensed Clinical Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor Jenni Avidon, NorthStar gives Early Career and Provisional Psychologists a guiding light to help them find their true north as registered clinicians.

As part of the Academy, we have already introduced several short workshops and webinars, clinical supervision and a transitional program for overseas trained Psychologists. Today, we are expanding NorthStar Academy by announcing the Early Career Learning Program, providing Psychologists with a comprehensive foundation to develop the skills to unlock their full potential and augment their competency to improve more lives.

The Early Career Learning Program is made up of four modules to equip Psychologists with the essential skills and knowledge required to launch a successful career as a Psychologist. We aim to help Provisionals get through their requirements as quickly as possible to become fully registered sooner.

The first module kicks off on July 15 and enrolment is now open! To learn more, visit: