The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, making memories with our loved ones and enjoying the traditions we have created. Whilst this is true, too often we find that the holidays are a time of increased stress due to the financial pressure and expectations that surround this season.

Here are some ways you can ease your stress these holidays whilst keeping the holiday spirit alive.

Plan a budget, and stick to it!

Look for the lowest price around for gifts, and take advantage of any sales. Incorporate your social events and extra spending into the budget. At least if you plan, you will make conscious decisions around your spending and understand where your money is going.

Agree to do hand-made or small gifts this year

Get a little creative with your gift-giving. There are so many low cost or free gift ideas, and these are often the most special and meaningful gifts. Perhaps create a photo album of all your best memories, or create a coupon jar full of chores or low-cost dates.

Organise a Secret Santa

This way, everyone gets a gift and feels the holiday joy, but you also only have to spend money on one person in your group instead of everyone. It will save you time, money and stress.

Make time for self-care

The holidays can be chaotic, with social plans, shopping, and family time stuffed into every spare moment you have. Make sure you keep up with your regular mental health routine during this period, and set aside time for yourself to help cope with the extra stress.

Put these into practice and focus on making memories these holidays, with less stress!