We understand and value the importance of feeling comfortable with your therapist. Take your time to look at our clinicians and their areas of interest and approaches. Our Administrative Team are also here to guide you as to who could be a potential match for your needs.

Our Clinicians

Holly Byron (Kirwan)

CEO and Principal Psychologist

Trauma | Anxiety | Panic | Phobias | OCD | Social Anxiety | Depression | Life Transitions | Stress | Perinatal and Postpartum Anxiety and Depression | Couples Therapy

*Please note Holly is not currently taking new clients

Adriana Vorster


Adult ADHD | Adjustment Issues | Anxiety | Stress Management | Perfectionism | Procrastination | Burnout | Self-Esteem | Relationships

Alison Davies

Provisional Psychologist
Child and Adolescent Therapy | Couples Therapy | Workers’ Compensation | Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Self-Harm | Self-Worth | Anger | Grief and Loss

Amelaine Uidam


Anxiety | Social Anxiety | Phobia | Panic | Depression | Trauma | Self-Esteem and Self-Identity | Life Transitions | Stress | Bullying and Harassment | Burnout | Grief | Motivation and Organisation | Family Dynamic Issues | Marital, Relationship and Sex-Related Issues | Perinatal and Postnatal Mental Health (women and men) | Mental Health in Later Life

*Please note Amelaine is not currently taking new clients

Dr. Bronwyn Coward

Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist

Provides Neuropsychological Assessments for the following populations: Acquired Brain Injury (TBI, Stroke, etc) | MS | Oncology | ADHD | Neurodevelopmental Disorders | Epilepsy | Learning Disorders

Cobus Du Toit


Schizophrenia | Bipolar Mood Disorder | Depression | Anxiety | OCD | PTSD/Trauma | Sexual Abuse | Complex Childhood Trauma | Emotion Regulation Difficulties | Child and Adolescent Mental Health | Play Therapy | Substance Abuse and Dependence

Dr Gillian Malins

Senior Psychologist

Anxiety | Panic | Depression | Mood Disorders | Trauma and Post Traumatic growth | Life Transitions & Adjustment | Grief and Loss | Stress | Parenting Support | Mental Illness | Acute and Chronic Illness | Identity and Life Meaning

Hilary Sargeant

Clinical Psychologist

Women’s Health | Prenatal and Postnatal Anxiety | Depression and Adjustment | Menopause | Cancer Support | Adjustment to Illness | Grief and Loss | Weight Management (non-diet approach) | Coping as a Couple

Jane Primrose


Adolescents 12+ | Young Adults | Anxiety | Depression | Trauma | LGBTI | Emotional Dysregulation

Jenni Avidon

Lead Clinical Supervisor / Clinical Psychologist

Bipolar Mood Disorder | Depression | Anxiety | Phobias | OCD | Grief and Loss | Alcohol Addiction | Eating Disorders | Family Therapy | Relationship Therapy | Marital Therapy | Group Work | Play Therapy | Parenting Skills | Parent Child Therapy

Julia Links


Assessments across the lifespan: Cognitive (IQ) Assessments and Intellectual Disability | Educational and Learning Assessments including Specific Learning Disorders (Dyslexia, Dyscaliculia & Dysgraphia) | Attention difficulties including ADHD | Adaptive behaviour and Functional Abilities | Behavioural Disorders including Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder | School Readiness | High Potential and Giftedness

Kate Thomson

Provisional Psychologist

Depression | Anxiety | Panic | Phobias | OCD | Stress Management | Disordered Eating

Madeleine Davies


Women’s Health | Couples/Relationship therapy | Perinatal Mental Health | Anxiety | Panic | Depression | Mood | Life Transitions and Adjustment | Weight Neutral and Health-focused Practice | Gender and Sexuality | Self-identity | Emotional Regulation | Motivation and Organisation | Grief and Loss

Mylie Sell

Clinical Psychologist

Trauma and Complex Trauma | Adult ADHD | Twelve Step Recovery | Addiction (individuals or family members) | Eating Disorders | Anxiety Disorders | Mood Disorders | Personality Disorders | Grief and Loss

Nathaly Vargas


Anxiety | Depression | Grief and Loss | Trauma | Cancer Support | Chronic Illness | Adjustment Disorder | Life Transitions | Anger Management | Emotional Dysregulation | Stress | Migration adjustment

Dr. Richard Arthur

Provisional Psychologist

Anxiety | Panic | Depression | Anger | Stress | Grief and Loss | Conflict Resolution | Family and Couples Therapy | Parenting Skills and Behaviour Management | ADHD | Coping with Disability | NDIS | Complex Trauma and PTSD | Self-acceptance & Confidence | Addictions | Work-related issues and Leadership Training

Sebastian Salicru

Senior Psychologist

Addictions | Anger Management | Assertive Communication | Anxiety | Couples/Relationships/Family Therapy | Depression | Emotional Intelligence | Grief | Internet Pornography Addiction | Leadership Development and Executive Coaching | Low Self-esteem and Confidence | Men’s Issues and Contemporary Masculinity | PTSD and Complex PTSD

*Please note Sebastian is not currently taking new clients

Stephanie Gold

Clinical Team Leader / Senior Psychologist

Trauma | Anxiety | Panic | Social Anxiety | Depression | Life Transitions | Stress Management | Bullying and Harassment | Personality Disorders | Grief and Loss | Pain and Chronic Illness | Worker’s Compensation | Compulsory Third-Party accidents


Tammy Jenkins OLY


Anxiety | Panic disorders | Depression | Life Transitions and Adjustment | Gender and Sexuality | Self-identity | Emotional Regulation | Grief and Loss | Athlete Mental Health | Coping with Injury


Trudy Ross


Assessments across the lifespan, including: Autism Spectrum Disorder | ADHD | Cognitive Assessments | Educational/Achievement Assessments including Learning Difficulties | Adaptive Behaviour/Functional Skills | School Readiness | Giftedness and Early Entry Programs | Intellectual Disabilities | Behavioural Assessment including Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Yilam Fang

Social Worker / Adult, Family and Couple Counsellor

Couples Counselling / Pre- and Post-Separation | Personal & Relational Growth and Development | Body-Mind-Soul Holistic Healing | Marital / Relationship Enrichment | Family Violence | Sexuality | Childhood Trauma | Depression | Anxiety | Stress Management | Grief and Loss | Adjustment Issues

Operations Team

Ainsley Carlow Assessment Coordinator Northside Psychology

Ainsley Carlow

Acting Administration Manager
Carol Arvanitis Quality Coordinator

Carol Arvanitis

Quality / Client Relations Manager | Acting Leadership and Support

I am passionate about striving to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of quality and excellence in the mental health sector. I have been with Northside Psychology since 2015, and am committed to fostering and maintaining strong relationships with our valued clients and referrers, with dedication to providing exceptional service.

Clare Jolly Acting Assessments Coordinator

Clare Jolly

Acting Assessments Coordinator
Connie Jackson Communications and Events Coordinator Northside Psychology

Connie Jackson

Communications and Events Coordinator

I provide mental health resources for clients across our digital platforms, and keep clients and referrers informed of our services. I also coordinate our events to train mental health clinicians with the aim of promoting outstanding client care across the board. I work collaboratively to maintain our website and ensure a smooth digital experience for clients.

Grace Groups Coordinator

Grace Gourley

Groups Coordinator

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